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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 23:11:55 young pthc kds -0700 (PDT) From: X Subject: Celebrity:Trevor and Haley: Chapter 20: RevelationsThe Disclaimer is the same as always...You should know it by now. If you don't like what is in the story...then just stop reading it would you. Now on with the next chapter.This story has been rated R by me for strong kiddy pthc stories sexual content.By the way...this series is almost complete. One more chapter and this story will come to an end. I know it has taken me a long time to post this chapter, but I am a perfectionist and they all have to be right before I post them. I have to like them. pthc toplist JChapter 20: Revelations***********Ring...Ring...Ring..."Hello.""Hey Trev.""Alex, hey bud. What's up?""I need to ask you something if you don't care," Alex said questioningly."You can ask me anything lil man," Trevor said. "You know that."Alex sat in silence for a few minutes. Trevor said nothing, not wanting to push Alex. After a couple minutes, Alex took a deep breathe gathering the words in his head."Do you think I should tell my mom?""Tell her what," Trevor questioned."About me..." Alex replied, "You know, about me and Haley.""Alex," Trevor said, "that is a decision you have to make for yourself. Think about it for a little bit and if you think you are ready, then go for it.""I just don't know if I am ready for it," Alex said."Just think about it," Trevor said. "Don't rush it ok.""Ok," Alex smiled."Call me when you decide what to do," Trevor said."I will," Alex tgp gallery pthc replied. "Oh, and thanks Trev. You're the best.""Anytime buddy," Trevor replied. "You know that.""Talk to you later," Alex said with slight questioning in his voice."Of course," Trevor replied eliciting a giggle from Alex.Alex hung imgboard rayman pthc up the phone and sat behind his computer. He looked at the picture of Haley and himself on the elephant from the first time they met.`I don't want to lose Haley, but I pthc the show think mom is getting suspicious. I don't talk to her anymore. I'm sure she thinks something is up. I just don't want her to think I'm a freak.'Alex sat alone for webcrawler pthc a few more minutes and then opened up his school books. Ever pthc pedofil since the movie wrapped, he was feeling lonely. He missed Haley more than pthc girl pedophil anything. He just wanted to hold him again. He talked to him every night, but he wanted to spend time with him again. He missed the way Haley held him and kissed his forehead. Alex finished up his homework and lay on pthc photo his bed, falling gently asleep."Time for dinner," Ms. Kent called from downstairs.Alex woke up and walked down to the table. He put some food on his plate and blankly picked at it, taking a bite once in a while."Alex, is something bothering you?" Ms. Kent asked her son."No mom," Alex replied taking a drink of his tea. "I'm fine, just a little sleepy."Ms. Kent glanced at her son throughout the meal. Alex fidgeted and picked at his food, not really eating anything. Ms. Kent could tell that her little boy had a lot on his mind and knowing that terra pthc Alex was at the age where lots of things were changing for him. She realized that he would probably have a hard time coming to her to talk about it. She didn't want to push her son, mandy pthc but she wanted to make sure that he knew that he could talk to her about anything."Honey," Ms. Kent said gently.Alex looked up at his mom."You know that you can talk free sex gallery pthc to me about anything right?" She asked.Alex nodded his head, "Yeah, I know mom."They finished the meal in relative silence. Ms. Kent gathered the dishes and sent Alex to get ready for bed. After getting ready, Alex walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of juice. He drank it and placed the glass into the sink."Will you be sleeping in the fortress tonight?" pthc model Ms. Kent asked.Alex nodded.She leaned down and kissed him on the forehead."Don't forget russian pthc bbs to set your alarm," Ms. Kent reminded him. "I have to be at work early pthc ped tomorrow so I won't be here to wake you.""That's ok," Alex replied. "I'll get up."He opened the sliding glass door and stepped outside."G'night honey," Ms. Kent said, "I love you.""Night mom," Alex said as he headed off towards the treehouse.Ms. Kent watched as her little boy walked across pthc bbs little stripper the yard and climbed up into his `Fortress of Solitude'."I wish you would talk to me," she muttered as she shut the door.Alex duvx pthc sat on his bed in the fortress and stared at a picture of Haley and himself that he kept by his bed. sandra hardcore pthc Haley's arm draped over Alex's shoulder while Alex's head lay gently against Haley's shoulder, his arms wrapped around Haley's waist. Alex loved that picture more than anything else that he owned. He kept it in the tree house because he knew no one would find it up there. Alex sat the picture back down on the table and lay down, pulling his shirt over his head.He couldn't stop thinking about the way Haley made him feel. The way Haley would run his hand up his bare chest. He loved the way Haley loved him. Alex slid his hand down his own body, caressing the skin that Haley loved so much. binsearch pthc He closed his eyes and ran his hands over his stomach, his muscles jumping ever so slightly. His hand slowly rubbed over the waistband of his shorts and gently slid under. The shorts and the boxer-briefs slid down as Alex's hand slid alt binaries pthc further down. Alex's breaths started coming in short heavy gasps. Alex's shorts and underwear slid down his legs and off onto the floor. Alex lay in his bed naked, slightly sweating from the coming summer heat. Alex's hand gently slid over his skin, massaging and caressing his muscles. He slowly grasped his hard penis, sliding his fist up and down slowly. His breathing became heavy and labored as the thought of Haley caused Alex to speed up and become more excited. Alex's emotions pthc brazil photos felt so real, he could feel Haley's tongue sliding up and down his pthc petite bbs hard shaft. Alex pressed his head back into the pillow hard and closed his eyes tight as climax overwhelmed him. He couldn't moan. He couldn't make a noise. He just lay there, his juices flowing in spurts over his stomach and his hands.Alex lay in bed, his pthc ptsc index breath returning to normal. The thoughts of missing Haley flooded his mind again and he pretty young models pthc began crying silently. He lay there a few minutes crying before falling asleep in his warm bed.***********Over the next few weeks, Ms. Kent noticed that her foto blog pthc son was getting more and more depressed pthc gateway bbs and distant. He didn't kdz imageboard pthc bring pthc bbs kid home any friends. He hardly yonudists pthc talked to her anymore. His grades were slipping. She couldn't figure it out. 10 yr old pthc She decided to talk to Rachel about it that night after Alex went to bed.***********Alex sat alone in his tree house. pthc pay site A movie was playing but he wasn't really paying attention to the TV. His mind was wondering and blank at the cp pthc tgp same time. His thoughts pthc vicky torrent were racing around his mind and not in any particular order. waldmeister pthc Good thoughts mixed with bad thoughts. Nothing made sense to Alex that night. He was upset about not being around the boy he loved. pthc dark bbs Haley's absence had begun to eat at Alex's insides. He wanted to hold Haley's soft, warm body once again. How he missed Haley's embrace and the way he could feel the love between them. Alex lay down on his couch and began to softly cry, something that he had been doing regularly for the past few weeks. He fell asleep on his couch, silently crying.Back in Alex's house, Rachel and Ms. Kent sat discussing what could be wrong with Alex."He pthc picture bbs isn't eating pthc child love hardly anything," Ms Kent said, "and he seems so depressed. He doesn't even talk to me anymore about anything.""Well, he talk pthc is going through a hard time," Rachel replied. "He is at that stage in his life when things are new to him. Without a male role model in cpmaster pthc his life, pthc masturbate he probably feels bbs pthc trade like he has no one to really talk to.""I know," Ms. Kent replied, "but I am just scared that he is going to do something that japanese pthc he will regret.""He won't," Rachel said. lotr pthc "He's a good boy, just trust pthc vlad imgboard him. He will talk to you.""I hope so," Ms. Kent said, "I'm so worried about him.""I know," Rachel said putting her hand on pthc torrent tracker Ms. Kent's. "You know what it could pthc kp be?""What?""It could be that the only real friend he has ever had lives so far away," Rachel said. "He cp company pthc might be able to talk to Haley about things that he doesn't really feel comfortable talking to you about.""That makes pthc underground 14 free sense," Ms. Kent said.Rachel thought about how Haley and Alex enjoyed being together. She thought about how they would always be mischievous at the dinner table. How they smiled and just enjoyed being together."Can I ask you something," Rachel asked her sister."Yes," Ms. Kent replied."Have you ever thought about what you where download pthc would do if Alex turned out to be...well, gay?" Rachel asked."He can't be," Ms. Kent replied."I think it is a possibility," Rachel said. "Have you noticed imagebord girl pthc how they act when they are together? Alex has been depressed since the movie wrapped and they were split up."Ms. Kent and Rachel both looked toward the door as it slid open and Alex walked through it. Rachel gave him a warm i am fool pthc smile. Alex got himself some water."Is everything ok honey," Ms. Kent asked."Just can't sleep is all," Alex replied before finishing off his water.The look on Alex's face told his aunt that he wanted to talk, but was afraid to bring it up."Is there something you want to talk about?" Rachel asked.Alex just looked off and nodded his head. Instead of bbs pthc ls girls taking a seat at the table, Alex stood across the table from his mom."I've been thinking," Alex said softly."What about honey," Ms. Kent asked softly."Mom...Rachel...I need to tell you something," Alex said his breath slow and his heart racing with fear. "I don't want you to hate me.""We will never hate you Alex," Rachel said.Alex looked at his Aunt and his mom sitting at the table. He took a very deep breath."Mom," Alex said sitting down and taking his mom's hand in his own, "I'm in love."Alex paused taking a breath and thinking sandra pthc model naked about what baby rompl dorki pthc he was saying. He could feel a lump form pthc 10yo in his throat."I know I am young and love is still a new thing in my life, but I have never felt this way about anyone and I can't board imgboard pthc cgi imagine not feeling pthc girl young like this."Alex pthc bbs jpg looked into his mom's eyes. He could see the uncertainty. He stood up and walked over to the sink and poured himself some water. He drank it down. He looked down into the sink trying to work his nerve back up."Mom," Alex said turning around and taking imgboard jp pthc another deep breath, his eyes filling with tears, "I'm gay."Alex watched as tears started filling his mother's eyes."I love you," pthc hussyfan porn Alex said, more tears rolling down his cheek."How long have you been like this," Ms. Kent asked clearly upset."For as long as I can remember," Alex replied uncertain that he should go on."Oh," Ms. Kent replied, "And who is it that you love?""Haley," Alex stated very softly.Ms. Kent looked away from her son. Alex couldn't bear the fact that his mom was disgusted with him."I love him so much," Alex cried loudly. "He makes me so happy. I feel really good when I am with him. I just want to be with him all the time. It feels so right when we are together."Alex stared at his mom, his tears blurring his eyes. He sat down in the floor, putting his live pthc head in his arms and began rocking back and forth. Rachel moved over and got on her knees, hugging Alex close to her. She leaned down and kissed pedo mom pthc pthc sexo him on the forehead."It'll be ok sweetheart," Rachel whispered.Rachel got Alex to his feet and led him to the door."Alex honey, go get some sleep," Rachel said running her fingers over Alex's rapidshared pthc soft hair. "Everything will be better in the morning, I promise."Alex walked to his fortress and climbed up the ladder. He closed the door and lay down on the bed on the second level. He looked at the picture of Haley sitting on the table beside his bed. He picked up the picture and hugged it close to his chest."I'm sorry Haley," he whispered as he drifted off to sleep.***********The next morning, Ms. Kent decided to talk to Alex about their conversation the night before. She knew he wouldn't be awake so instead of using the buzzer pthc move she wanted to go to him. She climbed into the tree house and walked in. She looked around. Alex had done a great job taking care of his tree house. She walked up the stairs real pthc pic trade and sat down on the bed beside her sleeping son. She looked at his peaceful face, the slight sunlight washing over his forehead, illuminating his dirty blonde hair. She noticed the picture of the boys on the floor beside Alex's bed and picked it up. Alex looked so happy with his pthc share arms around Haley. Haley's arm around her son made her feel good. She realized that malyshok pthc Haley would take care of Alex. She could see the love in both boys' eyes and smiled.Ms. Kent decided to let her son sleep. He had had a hard time last night. She wanted him to be pthc free sites happy and she realized that it was Haley that could do that for him. She set the picture back in its place on the table beside the bed and kissed her host photo pthc son on the forehead."I love you," she whispered as she quietly left.Alex awoke two hours later. He reached up and wiped his eyes. He looked over and noticed the picture on his bedside table. He smiled and picked up his cell phone. He dialed Haley's number and listened to the ringing."Hey buddy," Haley answered."Hey love," Alex said. "What's up?""Nothing much," Haley replied. "I was going to call you today.""Haley, I told my mom and my aunt," Alex blurted out."Is that good," Haley asked."I don't know Haley," Alex said almost in tears. "Mom seemed pthc free nude like she took it pretty hard.""Hey buddy," Haley said comfortingly, "it's ok.""Haley, I don't want to lose you," Alex cried."Do you want me to come over," Haley asked. "I can be there in a few hours.""I do," Alex whimpered, "but I don't know how mom will take it if virgin little pussy pthc you come over.""I'll come anyways," Haley said. "It might help.""You don't have to," Alex porno pthc kiddy said."Guess what," Haley said."What," Alex replied."I told my parents too," Haley revealed."When?""A couple weeks ago," Haley cp pthc news replied."Why didn't you tell me," pthc and vicky Alex asked a little hurt."I knew you were having a hard time with it," Haley explained. "I didn't want you to feel pressured to tell your mom. I wanted you to do that when you were ready.""What did they say," Alex asked."Dad had a hard time with it," Haley recounted, "but mom was totally cool with it and she talked to dad about it. They are both cool with me now.""I hope mom is pthc pantyhose avi film cool with it," Alex whimpered pthc pedofilia again."I'll be there in a few hours ok buddy," Haley said."Ok," Alex replied. "I miss you.""Then I'm glad that I am coming over," Haley smiled. tony montana pthc "See you soon. I love you.""Love you more," Alex said before he hung up the phone.Alex looked at his clock. He figured Haley would show pedo pthc girls up around one o'clock. He needed to take a shower, but first he dialed his phone."Hello," Trevor answered."Hey Trev.""Hey bro," Trevor said."Trev, I told my mom and my aunt," Alex said."Cool?""I hope," Alex replied. "Aunt Rachel was so cool with it. She hugged me pthc tomboy and said that she was happy for me but mom just cried.""That was just her initial reaction," Trevor said. "Don't worry too much about it. Talk to her and then see where this will lead. Don't get worked up about it just now ok.""I guess," Alex replied. "I just don't hussyfan vicky pthc want to lose Haley and I don't really have anywhere else to go if mom hates me.""She's not going to hate you," Trevor said sternly, "but if you have to leave you know your aunt will let you stay with her. You can even come and pthc pictures stay here if you need to.""Really," Alex said. "That would be good. Thanks Trev.""Have you told Haley mega bbs pthc about this yet," Trevor asked."I just got off the phone with him," Alex said."What did hussyfan pthc cecilia he say," Trevor asked."He is proud of underage pthc board me," Alex replied happily. "He already dark collection and pthc told his parents.""I know," Trevor replied. "Now you two can be together and not have to hide it.""Depends on what mom says," Alex said quietly."I'm sure she will be fine with it," Trevor reassured illegal pthc sites bbs his little friend."I guess I should go see how she is going to react," Alex said. "I need to go in and take a shower anyways.""Ok buddy," Trevor said. "I hope that you pthc russian feel better. Call me back ok?""Ok," Alex replied. "Talk to you later."***********Alex walked into the house to take a shower. His mother was sitting in the living room on nude teens sex pthc the couch. She looked up dad fuck pthc from her book as Alex passed the pthc direct download archway towards his room."Alex," she called.Alex walked back to the pthc clips archway and looked at his mom."Honey, nobull pthc come and sit pthc vicky 9 with me."Alex timidly made his way in the room and sat at the end of the couch."Alex, I love you," Ms. Kent said. "Nothing will ever change that. I could see in your eyes that you really are in love with Haley and I am not going to stop that. Haley is a great kid and you deserve to have someone as great as he is."Alex began to cry and wrapped his arms tightly around his mom's neck. She held him tightly against her and kissed the top of his head."I love you mom," Alex whispered."I love you more than anything," Ms. Kent replied.Alex got to his feet, "I need to take a shower.""Yeah you do," Ms. Kent laughed waving her hand in front of her nose."Very funny," Alex said with a smile pthc bbs torrent across his face.He turned to walk out the archway, stopping to look at his mom again."Is yahoo groups pthc it ok if Haley comes pthc rape over later," Alex asked."Of course it is," Ms. Kent smiled.Alex smiled and walked up to his room. He picked out Haley's favorite clothes and went to the pthc dex bathroom. He smiled to himself, knowing that things were working out for him. He found the boy he would love forever. The weight on his shoulders was gone since he had told his mom. He felt comfortable now. He was happy.***********As always, I welcome all suggestions and love to read emails about my story. You can tell me anything you want. Love to hear from fans ^ darkcollections pthc
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